Pipeline :


Welcome to Gqiime: Graphical user interface for Qiime

What do you want to do ?

Quickly run a command :

  1. Click on any command from left menu
  2. Change parameters and file names as per your project 
  3. Click Generate command to get command 
  4. Copy the command and run in command line

Run project pipeline:

  1. Click Create project from left menu
  2. After creating project click desired commands from menu and add to project pipeline
  3. Once done click download shell file to get the shell file to run
  4. Let the shell file do all the work while you enjoy your coffee

Add to Downstream

Help: Enter your project name and path. Click 'Generate command'. Run this command in unix to generate required project folder and files

-s column_name for sorting based on a column

--suppress_emperor_plots when running in local machine


Quick Command( Just copy & paste to your command prompt)